Evening stroll by Ermina Avramidou

Evening stroll

Evening stroll by Ermina Avramidou

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Painting: Ink and Acrylic on Paper.
Size: 55.5 H x 56.7 W x 0.2 in
It is about an abstracted gesticular painting on paper or canvas where that same painting gesture appears controlled. My color filled and dramatically lit abstract paintings to obscure maps, and certainly their criss-crossing lines and dripped dots do suggest mysterious landscapes. Their tangled forms and isolated pockets of rich colors structured around thick, vertical bands also suggest overgrown jungles or disjointed nets and grids, like the motions and emotions of someone who tries to find a destination in an endless labyrinth. Weaves of ink lines and acrylic tones — which often also include transparencies and collages — allow me to manipulate sensations of depth, perspective and texture, with varying layers and lines slipping into knots and dots in a playful ballet of hue and form that keeps viewers’ eyes busily alert without ever becoming overwhelming
Keywords: sea, blue, abstract, green, ink