Existential KPIs by Terry Boyd

Existential KPIs

Existential KPIs by Terry Boyd

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Drawing: Ink on Paper.
Size: 50 H x 38 W x 0.3 in
178,213 lines on archival paper Through performance, abstraction and minimalist fiber art, I explore and interrogate systems of visual language. With drawings, sewn linen and machinelike abstractions, I strive to create pieces that continue to reveal our fascination with the void. My recent body of work employs both drawing and sewing techniques. In a systematic fashion, I sews quarter-inch lines from left to right overlapping row by row to create a visual “white-noise” that takes the audience to an apophenic place (the experience of seeing patterns and connections in random or meaningless data/shapes). For me, the repetitive nature of the art-making process triggers a meditative state. Removing the referent to the external world, these sewn abstractions guide the viewer back to the repetition and elegance of the line, and invite the viewer to look inward for meaning. This inward gaze is meant to connect audiences to lost memories, forgotten dreams, and personal histories by allowing an access point to the unconsciousness. The mantra-like aesthetic of the densely sewn lines reveals the tension between the patterns we imagine and those that exist in mathematical truths — memories are unearthed as the past begins to interrupt reality. More can be found at http://www.art.terrenceboyd.com
Keywords: repitition, pattern, process, texture, line drawing, white noise, line, minimalism