Fading by Meevi Choi


Fading by Meevi Choi

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Painting: Watercolor on Paper.
Size: 15 H x 20 W x 0 in
I love to explore the truth of our shared humanity. "The world is one", we are many parts of one body. My themes are usually the human body and the universe. I get my inspiration mostly from life, humans and plants while other times I find new perspective from studying a model. I believe paintings are open to interpretation, likes our life is. We can't estimate the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Everything on the canvas is the record and the creation, the good and the bad and that always depends based on our perspective. My creations are always starting from abstract, in order to make the possibility of infinity. At the same time, the painting of the ancient cave (=TANA, the name of my first studio) occupies an important position in my heart. Primitive thinking is one of the basic ideas in my creations. We can experience, discover, record and feel the life though painting - this is why painting is attracting us so much. On the other hand, I don't mind to obey the impulse of subconscious mind in some of my artworks, so I leave the expressive brushstroke on the canvas in order to reveal the diversity of my artistic expression. Since recently I'm carrying out a new project, dedicated to the spirituality and the universe. In order to stimulate the thinking of the audience, I use photographs of the universe for inspiration for this specific project. I would like as much as possible to present in my paintings elements that belong to the sphere of imagination. No exception this time. I always reserve the ambiguous and the imperfect image, in order to allow to the audience to participate, to make up their mind, creating this way interaction between the audience and art.
Keywords: perspective, planet, space, truth, universe, hong kong, earth, fading, humanity, moon