Falling Twilight by Tom Pazderka

Falling Twilight

Falling Twilight by Tom Pazderka

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Drawing: Charcoal, Graphite and Pencil on Paper and Other.
Size: 48 H x 108 W x 0.1 in
During any revolution, the most interesting aspect of it seems to be the day after, once the dust has settled and everyone has gone back to daily life. What remains? What has gone right and what has gone wrong? The 'Elegy' series is a look at these 'days after' through images and texts onto which these images are drawn or partially burned. Though this work isn't part of the series, it is thematically and aesthetically similar. The drawings are hung with small nails, 2-4 per page and create an interesting pattern when viewed from an angle. Each book page is attached to a large backing.
Keywords: smoke, cloud, demolition, destroyed, fallen building, Red Law