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I have been painting for over 20 years,essentialy self-taught.Currently i am enrolling on a BFA in Artistic Studies at U.A.. My art ,I think has everything to do with language,there is a clear influence of what i most admire,Porvera art and Fluxus movement,also strong Dada and Conceptual art,as a cumpilsive reader,I think there could be found signs of the influence of my readings (mostly the works of Ludwig Wittgenstein,and Carl Jung among many other philosophers)I try to question the givem conceptions of rich or poor art,by using the nost#poor" materials in an effort to rise questions about value,language and artistic standards in the traditional and established systems. Lately i have been exploring digital art,using the most rudimental tools,I take pictures of drops of organic liquids and using the most basic(poorest) tools i work the images submitting them to a highly processual treatment,in order to create what I have called "organic digital patterns"

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