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As with several investments, you must do some research and step out of your boundaries. The art marketplace is inconsistent and no assurances of profitability. Although using little forethought and legwork, you can collect artworks and make them as your investments. Below are some tips why you should choose original fine art paintings.

  • Original Fine Arts Painting For Sale

When you visit art galleries, you can see different artworks specially giclee and fine art paintings. But first what is the difference between these two? Giclee is an artwork that is printed on canvas or fine paper with clarity color. In short, it is a duplicate copy of the original. Although it is still a reproduction. While panting is an original copy made by famous artists.

But paintings are more expensive compared to giclee artworks. For example, a painting catches your attention and you want to buy it. Unfortunately, the price is very expensive, so the seller will offer you a giclee artwork since it is cheap. But come to think of it, when you buy fine art paintings you must choose the original copy. Why? Simply because you are investing some of your money. Moreover, original fine art paintings by artist will have a better value in the future. Since these artworks have only limited copy.

  • How to distinguish a fine art poster and original fine art paintings?

Since buying an artwork is an investment, determining the original copy is very important. Here are the following factors to determine original copy:

  • The edition size
  • The importance of an artwork
  • Check the artwork’s condition
  • Check if the artist signature is original

Art Auctions

Attending an art auction is very exciting because you can see several fine art paintings for sale. These paintings and drawings featured during the auction have a certificate of genuineness. That is why many investors are joining and attending auctions. Every day artworks are changes since they are sold out and has only limited edition.

On the other hand, some artworks don’t make a good investment, but still, these are genuine. Since some art auctions offer a relatively high value and authenticity. Yes, authenticity is important in every artwork, but sometimes it doesn’t guarantee importance.

Other tips to consider when investing in an artwork

Gallery owners or artist will convey you that purchasing an artwork is an expressive decision.  But if you are thinking about investment don’t ever think about that statement. However, you can still research several artists who attract your attention. Study about their commissions, exhibits, and educations.

Visit art institutions, galleries, and museums that are near in your place regularly. So that you will recognize potential shaker and movers in your area. But you want to consider artworks made by a famous artist, then you must get an assessment. Moreover, if you don’t have enough time visiting art galleries, consider searching on the internet.

Yes, you can buy fine art paintings online, but first, check the quality before buying it. Most importantly, consider fine art paintings prices and price must fit the artwork’s quality.