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Fiona Gill

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  Artist: Fiona Gill
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Fiona Gill Artist Bio:

Date of birth: 12/01/1987 Place of birth: Aldershot Mindscapes My work is a process of investigation through process and subject. Exploring the city as a subject of experience. I am interested in the bombardment of fast moving visual information experienced while in the city, those fleeting moments that become fixed to our gaze. In my work I make references to the picture plain and illusionist space by showing the making of the image and introjections of a grid. This helps guide the marks and the gaze creating layers of vision.This is instigated through documentation by means of photographs and drawings of the city in hectic spaces like London. I became instantly interested in the crowds and the controlled movement of people which I depict through my own viewpoint. Both the theoretical and practical side of my work has been inspired by literature and film of the flaneur, Situationist and the Derive. Specifically focusing on the Stroll through the city and also looking at the imprint the cities experience has on memory.

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