FLYCAT Y One Luca Massironi

FLYCAT Y One Luca Massironi

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  Artist: FLYCAT Y One Luca Massironi
 Live in: Milano, Lombardia, Italy
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FLYCAT Y One Luca Massironi Artist Bio:

Flycat, real name Luca Massironi was born in Milan in 1970, is recognized as a leading figure of the International Hip Hop / Aerosol Art scene The strong emotional charge that has always distinguished Flycat led him beyond those that can be pre-defined patterns of "so-called Graffiti art", collaborating with many artists belonging to as many different ways to "create", thus ranging from photography to graphics, from music to poetry, journalism, design-to video art and fashion. His career began in the '80s, the 90 'is confronted with various international artists breeding and feeding of various artistic movements, especially the New Yorker, always linked to street art.. In 1989, develops his concept and philosophy to which he gave the name of "Pzyko Futurizm" also creating its own Manifesto. In 1995 he joined officially the cultural and artistic Chicano movement of East Los Angeles, California, where he spent several years working with some of the most famous artists of the West Coast. At the same time affects the music production hip hop / rap, the latest album titled "Our Sign" released in 2006, recorded entirely in Los Angeles, California produced by hip hop group "The Psycho Realm-Sick Symphonies". February 20th 2010, the artist Rammellzee (USA - 1960 - 2010) bestowed upon him as a disciple by giving the degree of "Y-1". In 2011 his song entitled "Los Angeles" is chosen by the American director Yvan Gauthier as the main theme for the soundtrack of his film "LA I Hate You 2012, becomes the image for man winter collection 2012/2013 of "Les Copains". 2013 Writes his Manifesto "Litterae Caelestes". 2014, creates a printed socks collection for IN THE BOX a/w 2014.

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