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Frederick Mazezky

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Frederick Mazezky Artist Bio:

I was born in 1980 in Italy. I consider myself a "visual communicator". In 2012 I moved to Madrid where I have my studio. I am a ‘self-taught’ artist, because I have had very little formal training in art/painting. I took art in high school, but since then, everything I’ve learnt has been through self-guided learning, using books, videos, informal online courses, and a large dose of trial-and-error. I always felt the need to express myself in an artistic way, and I think that painting is the best mean to express myself freely, without any kind of constraint. Apart from this sense of expressive freedom, I think about my paintings as a testimony of the various stages that I have lived as a human being. I want to paint to capture on the canvas a special moment in my life, which has been deeply influenced by my mood and my perceptions, and it amuses me to imagine people's reaction and what they will say about my paintings in 50 years. Preferably I use oil on canvas, although sometimes I like to experiment with other materials. In general I paint human figures, animals and surreal scenes. Using bright and vivid colours that often attract the viewer's attention when placed in a room. Often the subjects portrayed emerge directly from dreams, in fact, appear in the dream paintings which then will represent on canvas in every little detail. The themes that emerge from the dreams are often linked to the struggle and confrontation. In other cases, the predominant sexual content. The images that I represent are inspired by my own experiences and from my experience. Very rarely I paint things as they are in reality, I prefer to paint what it is "behind" the real subject. My paintings are more about the psychological level of the subject. That is why in my works the technique and the style are always functional and they serve the symbolic content. My main objective when I paint is to represent the hidden meaning of the subject, and not just a the production of a pretty picture. In my paintings I play with the background that I use to give more importance to the main subject. Normally I paint in a single session using Alla Prima technique.

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