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G B Larson

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  Artist: G B Larson
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Drawings, paintings, photography, watercolors, oils, mixed media, portraits, landscapes, abstracts, funky stuff. I am all over the place. Gallerists are constantly confused because they can't buttonhole me and have repeatedly told me to focus on one style without saying too much. Unfortunately my adult-onset Attention Deficit Disorder refuses to let me do that. So, long ago, I stopped thinking about it and began to focus simply on following an idea and working in series long enough to bring it to some sort of fruition (or until something else caught my attention). Why is it that when Gerhard Richter works in multiple styles the Art World drools, but when other artists do it they get reprimanded? That's such nonsense. As long as the vision is intact, the exploration palpable, the touch inimitable, and a sense of wonder permeates each piece, there is no way a parochial establishment can successfully assail a body of work. I could talk more about this but something else is catching my attention. "Aesthetics is for the artist as ornithology is for the birds." - Barnett Newman www.glassandchocolate.com www.larsonography.com

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