G Masarik

G Masarik

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  Artist: G Masarik
 Live in: WI, United States
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G Masarik Artist Bio:

As counted by a long time Friend, "G Masarik has enjoyed a good life traveling around the globe. He has grown to appreciate art more as he as settled into life. In the last years he has developed into a fractal artist focusing his talent on bold colors and interesting objects. Garrett is long time resident of Denver, Colorado, travels and enjoys time with his family and friends. He is a strong advocate of other artists and spends his off time with a camera in his hand, or thinking of his next art project. Although he hasn't always focused his time in art, he has an artist soul and vision. He is compassionate toward the earth, and thinks outside the box on global issues. As time presses on with Garrett he becomes a stronger artist and he hopes that you are enjoying his work."

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