Geoffrey Howard

Geoffrey Howard

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  Artist: Geoffrey Howard
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Geoffrey Howard Artist Bio:

While out and about I often find myself examining the sides of scratched skips, or the textures of concrete walls, ripped posters, or of course water, stones, wood, and Nature in general. Why does this happen? Hmm. Well, maybe I just need inspiration, although maybe it's more likely that I just enjoy looking at things. Anyway that's how it works, I see things and I may 'take notes', as I term it, using my mobile camera  (which doubles as a phone ) and the thing comes home with me. A lot of the time though I see so many 'things' that I just store pictures of them away in my memory.   My theory is that the things that I see are unconsciously taken by my mind and, often without bidding, appear in some form on the surface in front of me as if by magic. It's enjoyable when it happens. As you can imagine as you go through Art School's/Life you do a number of things but I see myself as a painter, although Collage is also part of what I do. Both keep me on the flat surface in front of me. All types of paint have been used but I like Acrylic paint. Acrylic paint has many virtues. It comes in many colours and dries quickly. It can be used thin like watercolour or thick like oil, or both.  Still, back to the pictures…….. 🙂

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