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George Antoni

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  Artist: George Antoni
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George Antoni Artist Bio:

I’m trying to tap into my unconscious. I start with only a loose intention, allowing the piece to evolve through numerous generations. I want the painting to end with the idea rather than start with it. I'm fascinated by the way we find beauty in deterioration, especially in an epoch of the new, disposable and replaceable. The works are of mixed media, using, predominately, layers of household emulsion on fibre board, but incorporate acrylic pigments, ink, and in some paintings, wood dye. Each piece undergoes a process of construction and deconstruction. When finished they are wax polished, to add a further dimension. In all my work the element of chance is pushed to its limits. I'm looking for the kind of truth, beauty and intrigue found in nature occurrence. The viewer is always invited to bring their own interpretation. What interests me is the emotional response, to a painting void of depiction. Abstract.

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