George E Huffman

George E Huffman

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  Artist: George E Huffman
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George E Huffman Artist Bio:

b. 1966, Norristown, PA. Currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. After having long abandoned the idea of finding artistic inspiration for my visual language in nature, I have recently been re-introduced to the natural landscape as an inspiration. My vision as an artist has consistently centered on creating visually symbolic narratives extracted from foggy and almost dreamlike memory to convey feelings of lost innocence. Nature now plays a primary symbolic role in these narratives.In my latest painting series, I have been exploring the juxtaposition of the landscape and the young girl to produce an unsettling feeling. The figure of the young girl suggests liminality; she acts as and within a borderlands region. Her adolescence is a betwixt and between state, associated with aspects of initiation, but what is she being initiated into? As a child, she is a figure that is simultaneously emblematic of anxieties over passing time and a vehicle of hope for the future. She is set within the glorious purity of nature: a setting where the weight of modernization is absent. Both young girl and panoramic landscape are motifs of innocence and vulnerable fragility.

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