‘Going Home’ – Original Study – Museum Wrap by Walker Stevens

'Going Home' - Original Study - Museum Wrap

'Going Home' - Original Study - Museum Wrap by Walker Stevens

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Painting: Acrylic, Airbrush, Oil, Ink and Gesso on Canvas, Paper, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Wood and Other.
Size: 18 H x 27 W x 1.5 in
Item No. GH-AbP-O-Study-SL18x27-008MWsa Whenever Elephants travel together, as in going to their 'home' area, they always seem to have a flock of birds overhead. Elephants are also very wary, and extremely capable of doing major damage to an attacker if provoked. When traveling in a herd, males (bulls) are always 'stationed' throughout the herd to defend a young 'calf' or 'cow' (male or female); though, don't discount a mama cow. A full-grown female Elephant can be just as scary as her male counterpart, especially if she's defending her baby. And, don't even believe the movies, when they try and sell you on a lion or tiger (Africa or India) having the upper hand (paw) when attacking an Elephant. A fighting Elephant is about the scariest thing you will ever see. They will win every time against an attacking Lion or Tiger, and the cats know it, so they keep their distance. This particular work is the 'Original Study,' created to determine if I wanted to do a larger work based on Elephants 'Going Home.' I like both equally as much, this study, and the Original completed from it, though in different ways. The Study has a certain unique simplicity that will fit any color scheme or décor, whereas the completed Original is more focused on warmer, or even darker trends, that want to 'catch you off-guard' with revelation after you've studied it a while. Both works are sixth 'Generation' paintings. You'll see several of our works that are multi-generations, and the amount of work we put forth to create such a work. Both are Mixed-Media, Multi-Medium, and Multiple-Disciplined works. I've tried to catch the abstract excitement of seeing 500 tons of African 'flesh' casually strolling by, while your imagination runs wild with possible scenarios. I hope you enjoy both works. Walker Please visit our professional website at: walkerstevensfineart.com Limited 1st Edition Prints (Canvas or Silk Laminate) All Ltd. 1st Ed. Prints are Numbered & Signed (& Limited to 50 per size):  18" x 27" x 1-1/2" with Museum Wrap: $ 900. 24" x 36" x 1-1/2" with Museum Wrap: $1,200. 36" x 54" x 1-1/2" with Museum Wrap: $2,400. (Add 20% for Giclèe) Ltd. 1st Ed. Photo Prints & Proofs: 12" x 18" Photo Print: $32.00 (Ltd. to 150) 12" x 18" Artist Photo Proofs: $48.00 (Ltd. to 12) All Photo Proofs are Numbered & Signed
Keywords: wild, africa, elephants, going, home
"Going Home." Nicely done! John L. Chandler