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My personal Astrological chart says that people with my configuration make excellent writers. may be, this is why each and every piece of my art work tells a story. I always know what to say and I can write pages on a particular piece; as it includes my cultural background and influences, Western style of painting as I have studied Fine Art only in that particular Style in my native country, Bangladesh, India, England and here in USA and Spiritual significance as I have been f...ollowed by 11:11 since 2009, to say the least. The numerical digit 4 is significant to me as it is the end number after adding my birth day. I was born on Thursday, which is the fourth day of the week. Other references on the number Four: Four is the 4th dimension = time, which is illusion. Four is seen as the first solid number. Spatial in scheme or order, in manifestation. Static as opposed to the circular and the dynamic. Four = wholeness; totality; completion; solid. Earth; order. Symbol of measurement. Foundation. It's an even number. There are four cardinal points; four seasons; four winds; four directions (as in North, South, East, West); four elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth in the Western culture. There are four sides to a square. There are four watches of the night and day, quarters of the moon. There are four quarters to the earth. Four is a symbolic number used throughout in the Old Testament. Tthe quaternary can be depicted as the quatrefoil as well as the square and the Cross. It also represents foour directions of the heart. Native American: As in other cultures, ceremonies and rituals acts are repeated in fours. The Native American cultures have used the number 4 most frequently as in the four cardinal directions. The four winds are depicted by the symbol of the cross and by the symbol of the cross and by the symbol of tthe swastika. The swastika as some misbelieve, was not created by Hitler. It was borrowed from the Native American. Buddhism: The Damba Tree of Life has foour limbs and from it's roots, four sacred streams of Paradise that represent the four boundless wishes of compassion, affection, love, impartiaity. Chinese Buddhism: There are four Celestial Guardians of the cardinal points: Mo-li Ch'ing, the East with the jade ring and spear; Virupaksha, the West with the four-stringed guitar; Virudhaka, the South with the umbrella of chaos and darkness and erthquakes; Vaisrevenna, the North with the whips, leopard-skin bag, snake and pearl. Chinese: Four is number of the Earth, symbolised by the square. There are foour streams of immortality. Christian: Four is the number representing the body, with three representing the soul. There are four Gospels, Evangelists, Chief Arch-Angels, four Fathers of the Church, Great Prophets. There are four cardinals virtues: prudence, fortitude, justice, temperance. There are four winds from which the One Spirit is said to have come. Egyptian: Four is the sacred number of time, measurement of the sun. There are four canopic jars placed around the dead at the four corners guarded by the four sons of Horus, who are associated with the cardinal points. Hermetic: It is the Divine Quaternity. It represens God. Kabbalah: Four represents the four worlds of the Kabbalah. It also rrepresents memory, the four diretions of space and the four levels of the Hierarchical Organism of the Torah. Hinduism: Four is Totality; plentitude; perection. Brahma, the Creator is four faced. The temple is based on the four sides of the square, symbolizing order and finality. There are four Tattvas_ the four bodies of human and kingdoms of nature which are animal, vegetable, mineral and mind. There are four Castes. Islam: Four is perfection, which is ofteen impossible to attain. Mayan: Four giants support the celestial roof. Four is seen as the number of support. Pythagorean: Four is perfection; harmonius proportion; justice; the earth. Foour is the number of the Pythagorean oath. Four and ten are divinities. The Tetraktys 1+2+3+4=10 Scandinavian: There are four rivers of milk flowiing in Asgard. Sumero-Semitic: Four astral gods are identified with the four cardinal points. Teutonic: Four dwarfs support the world. Taoist: There are four celestial guardians_ Li with the pagoda; Ma with the sword; Cho with two swords; Wen with a spiked club. Getting back to my paintings, each and every decision that I take when using colour, line, mark, drawing, paint, pencil, etc was never taken in trivial manner. Each and every stroke has a reason to be, where it is. I always try to do my very best in my art work as it represents me. in order to take a break from my usual story telling, I do abstract art and therefore they are often very simple and much less intense. I use Bangla and English Calligraphy in repetition. Agnes Martin is a huge influence on me. I owe a lot to my professors, family, friends and well-wishers, at home and abroad. I thank everyone from the bottom of my he

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