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Harm Ronald Maris

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I approach painting trough the perspective of a sculptor. Using the painting media as autonomous materials, I strive for a non-figurative realism. Paint is paint and stays paint. Material itself is the main subject. Trying to avoid as much artistic expression and handwriting as possible; but maintaining a certain minimum degree to make it distinct from a complete industrial application. Therefore I hardly ever use the brush, a metal-bladed squeegee seems more objective. I pursue the Generatio spontanea in raw matter: a minimum amount of life in a maximum amount of perfect dead matter. In this attempt to distill the essence of material-specific characteristics, formal aesthetics become more visible. The [P]-series cover single-pigment paints which have a certain art historical relevance. Pigments that are in use since the paleolithic Lascaux cave paintings next to modern Azo compounds. The [HARDWARE]-series are constructed out of hardware store materials only. Painting with traditional hardware primers on specific hardware-style wood panels and other panel-forming materials. The 'the hand of the artist' is discussed in the XY Dogma series. With René Ronald Kuipers we've set ourselves a number of strict rules concerning the used material, pigments, paint coverage etcetera. This approach makes the individual artistic characteristics of the artist visible, thus making the artist itself to just an other part of the total visual construction.

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