Hyunwook Ryu

Hyunwook Ryu

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  Artist: Hyunwook Ryu
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Hyunwook Ryu Artist Bio:

It is likely to be seen ridiculous, if artists think themselves they are too serious all the matters of their lives. It is enough to keep a diary or journal telling their real stories, and sometimes life is full of absurdity. Nevertheless, a lot of what I have done just follow my individual rhythms. Performing tempo from slow to fast have been done without any probable explanation and it corresponds to an inexplicable spontaneous body response above and beyond any kind of deductive reasoning. Set aside personal reason, as many other things would be the same as the way man-made story is. My pictures deal with the concept of lightness. More precisely, it deals with ‘lightness, or heaviness’. It may have been involved with my personal life, or my perspective to see the world, yet it is about something mortal. Remembering from what happened in my life, the lightness visits one when one feels tremendous burden of life, and whose quality is different that of ‘emptiness’ or ‘nihilistic sentiment’ in its temperature. My painting is grounded in the feeling of sadness, which comes from the personal life, sometimes very attached to the lightness. Even my art is based on the autobiographic memory, I am truly part of the present time and, general concept of my art is focusing on living human individual’s condition and its personal meaning. Furthermore, the meaning will be objectified after the process of disintegration, collapse, articulation on painting field, through which I would expect that regeneration and an extension of meaning will be organically returned. My painting is about the process how ‘personal visual networking’ would be disintegrated and regenerated through ‘the action of painting’ during the present moment and my central concern is how individual eyes can be organically objectified on the painted field. What I intend to convey through the way of exaggerated multi-layered structure, highly improbable composition is to deliver simple staring, extremely tough, unsentimental life, and its meaninglessness, a sense of déjà vu, death itself, an obsession that I have seen, absurdity in life; that is also about a segmentation and an extinction of meaning, unsentimental memory during the time. I would continue to seek how multiple layered memories recollected from personal episodes would develop into a horizontal way something through that of ‘the act of painting’ and grant a role of painting to the expanding of the meaning and value of life, the triviality, the meaningless and the specialty.

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