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  Artist: ian rayer-smith
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When I’m painting, nothing else matters. It’s sheer bliss, a sense of freedom, a time when anything can happen. I want to convey thoughts and emotions that can’t be put into words, using vibrant colour and applying paint with energy and expression, creating images of unrecognisable forms. I don’t want to recreate something that already exists. I want my paintings to reflect history, yet appear to be of our time, or perhaps of another time. I am inspired by the abstract expressionists like De-Kooning, Mitchell and Resnick, for their raw and dynamic mark-making and bold freedom with colour. These kinds of artists are present with me when I paint. But my real inspiration comes from Old Master paintings, which I reference in creating my own abstract forms and compositions.  I play with imagery which is both of my own creation and which I have found.  I then continually work, rework and combine, until something interests me. In this way, I discover and paint images that will surprise me.  At first sight the finished work may appear to have no obvious meaning, but emotionally it will begin to reveal itself. If it evokes emotion in me, then I hope others will get something out of it. My aim is to use paint to make intimate experiences, not grand gestures.

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