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DADATA 2000. L.H.O.O.Q revisited. DADATA = DADA + DATA. Highly Edited Randomness. I was born 1961 in North West Asia. I have been living in the future my whole life. Today the future begins for everyone. We ALL live in the future NOW - We ALL live in the future NOW. During the last millennium, artists created robots, space stations, designer drugs and digital body parts. WHAT'S NEXT ? A POST HUMAN LO-MIND ? ILIGILI - THE HYPER MEDIUMISTIC TRANSPOP DADATA TRANSCIEVER. TheArtistPublisherDealer. Through the use of comsats fiber and silicon chips, I am constantly transforming myself into a cyber transhuman DaData transceiver: A virtual entity: [email protected] I explore the artistic unconnected conectedness between feminism & electrodes, data manipulation & neurodelics, hedonic propaganda & behavior control and how these relationships manifest themselves in the electronic media. January 1st 2000 Stay Tuned. ILIGILI

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