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Inese Andzejevska

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  Artist: Inese Andzejevska
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Inese Andzejevska Artist Bio:

I was born 1979 in Valmiera, Latvia. My first meeting with art was when I was a student at Valmiera Secondary School of Art at the age of 15. In these three years I have got the first insight in what textile design, painting etc is all about. After I have graduated I have moved to Riga, and became a student in a Riga’s Design and Art Secondary school, in the department of textile design. After graduation I started studies at the Art Academy of Latvia, also in the department of textile design. But after few successful years of studies I still had the feeling that the textile design is not the right way to express myself. And I have decided to step over into painting class. Since then painting has become the passion of my life. I love the smell of oil colors, dirty hands with it, and pleasant tiredness from painting. My art is mainly abstract and modern. I am interested in colors, colors, colors. In my paintings are to see and feel the rythm of lines, play with squares, relations between colors, and lightness. In my paintings I like to play with light, forms, and colors. I do not like to work too long on one artwork. It is like an explosion, and while I’m painting I feel myself very much alive. I love and get inspired from different kind of music. Music gives me energy, positive feelings, power, inspiration, and temper. I also love fashion and design, its forms, differen materials, colors, varieties. As much important for me is nature – especially frog, snowstorms, rain, or dusty clouds. I love that in Latvia are all four seasons of the year – there I can get my inspiration. I have lived one year in Iceland. This unique country, people, and its robust and rough but very, very beautiful and one-of-a-kind nature has also left huge impact on the way of my expression and on my way of thinking about life as such. Currently I live in Riga with my husband, who is also an artist, and two beautiful daughters. I haven’t made my solo-shows yet but I do hope they are about to come very soon. At present my artworks are in private collections in Latvia, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

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