Ioan Stefan Botis

Ioan Stefan Botis

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  Artist: Ioan Stefan Botis
 Live in: Cluj-Napoca, Eastern europe, Romania
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Ioan Stefan Botis Artist Bio:

26 year old painter from Cluj Romania. Nowadays it feels like there is a certain detachment from art that besides subject and idea, also requires technical knowledge, so if you are painting, especially with oil, you could be seen as obsolete. What happened with the saying “Anything Goes?” Apparently, in contemporary art anything goes as long as artists create art, that those who enter the gallery to see it, barely understand or feel anything. Art lost and doesn’t care too much about skills, it has become a pseudo intellectual delight for a very small niche of people. I think in contemporary art we suffer of the same hipster syndrome, the search for the strange and weird to the point that everything has becomes somewhat similar. What to do if this describes the society we live in today? Oil Painting for me is a controlled chaos. The work has to have this living quality to it, and not be restricted by the desire to recreate a certain image. At the same time, it is necessary to be familiarized with this technique. Just in time and with practice, it is possible to achieve a balance between control without sufocating the work, leaving it space to breathe. The subject matter is not very specific or clearly defined in space and time. I find myself being fascinated by those paintings that make you come back and keep you interested so that each time you look at them you form new connections. With these paintings I try to recreate emotions, inner feelings, atmosphere, personal things that could become general truths for everyone. I think that the first visual contact with the work is important, because it either draws you closer and you form an instant connection or not. The work is successful when it can offer aesthetic experiences, pleasant or unpleasant. It is disappointing to go to a show and have the chance to understand the artists works only after reading the statement, sometimes not even then. Through what I paint I try to explore the human unconscious, the place where man is capable of anything, where there are no consequences, the place of extremes. In real life, I am fascinated by the way in which humans are able to shut down their empathy or the total lack of it. The capacity to love and destroy, to suffer and to cause suffering usually have vast consequences that only human beings are able of.

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