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J Casoya Artist Bio:

Born in 1985 I grew up in London, Jersey, Mexico City and Madrid where I went on to study Fine Arts and History at the Complutense University. Since 2010 I have lived in Venice, Barcelona, Oslo and now Berlin, where I struggle to work as a freelance artist and designer. My recent work is based on improvised illustrations of human and animal like figures and forms that overlap each other on two or more layers in each work. Pencils, markers and fine marking tools are my preferred mediums for drawing and engraving on thick paper, cardboard, tracing paper and transparent PVC sheets. I combine these figurative forms, lineal elements and patterns with the use of paint and other coloring mediums applied directly and manipulated on the works surface through techniques such as delcacomania, frottage or pressing paint against other objects and surfaces. Currently I am exploring the use of new materials, such as plastic and wooden sculpture like elements placed over the work's surface or the use of lighting, kinetics and projections. I am inspired by 20th century avant-garde in general, from art brut to COBRA or dadaism and surrealism to outsider art, as much as from illustration, comic and street art. Nonetheless, the lack of classical or modern uses of proportion and perspective alongside more symbolic forms of figuration and representation our also key aspects that influence me. In particular I am drawn towards primitive and folk art; the Romanesque and Gothic styles and the art forms of Pre-Columbian America.

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