Jean Jacques Ribi Y

Jean Jacques Ribi Y

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  Artist: Jean Jacques Ribi Y
 Live in: San Vittore Olona - Milano, Lombardia, Italy
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Jean Jacques Ribi Y Artist Bio:

Photopaint, the Art of painting with digital Photography I have baptized this technique "Photopaint" because I feel like a classicist painter, bearing a color palette. My own personal palette (screen) has an infinite quantity of photographs: I grasp something from each one, mix these elements with each other, thus creating "photocolors", and, lastly, using these to paint "photopaintings". Photocolors have more complex rules for mixing them, however they yield a more vast variety of results, involving dimension, material and pattern to the chromatic scale: I feel it's a synesthesia I developed in response to my colorblindness. Through Photopainting, dreams, fantasy, and all things imperceptible acquire a realistic consistency; The photography of all things pertaining to the realm of imagination becomes as tangible as any recorded moment, as if they were proofs of a journey in dimensions as well-defined as ours." Bio Jean Jacques Ribi was born in Genoa, Italy in 1975 from Swiss father and Panamanian mother. Stranger in every country, he considers himself citizen of the world, living his life spread around the globe. Since 1996, as a committed artist, he dedicates over 10 years of research and development before considering of venturing into the market. In the Early years he lives in Milan, having a parallel career in advertising production. He gets to collaborate, as an assistant, with some of Europe's finest directors, turning eventually to directing himself. This parallel film experience influences fundamentally his Art, making Photography and Post-Production the fundamental media of his work. He develops his own original technique that he baptizes "Photopaint" Photopaint consists in sampling many photos in the computer and integrate them in intricate compositions that exceed the hundred layers, giving as ultimate result the detailed photography of the inner experience. Some have compared it with DaVinci's "velature" technique applied to photography. In 2006 he debuts presenting his collection "Skins", achieving in his first year a collective and a solo show in Panama, a collective in Miami and being awarded with the 100th years Coca Cola Prize. From there on has been a swift evolution consolidating his trajectory in the Americas as much as in Europe. His second collection Adv-Art reflects a period of change in Ribi's philosophy, which brings him to finally abandon his advertising career, dedicating himself full time into Art. In his rejection for the values he explored trough advertising and mass communication, he feels the need of counterbalancing the overflow of information, using Art as a severing tool that cuts trough the disinformation caused by the daily conditioning of mass medias. In 2008 he represents Panama at the Centro-American Biennale, and participates to the Art-Basel circuit with the Americas Collection. In 2009 he presents his collection "Brands", with solo shows both in France and Italy, and enters the MOLAA Museum collection in Los Angeles for the '09 Auction. After this important statement Ribi feels free from his advertiser karma, and moves on into exploring the relationship with nature, and the roots of human evolution. This are years of travel practice and study, in which Ribi, and his camera, come in close contact with different cultures and landscapes all over the world, in the pursuit of compiling that informational puzzle that holds the secrets of human nature. He dedicates the collection Ethnic to the tribal cultures that most impressed him and which crafts still hold encrypted original primal information that has been long lost in the modern globalized world. In 2011 He presents the collection "Art of Reality", a further evolution of Photo-painting, freeing himself from the rules of photography and reality. Trough digital photography and computer he explores and deconstructs reality for than playing at re-assembling it in new configurations, establishing rules and possibilities that guarantee a florid future to his Art. Despite his short time in the scene, Ribi' s Art is getting recognized and his pieces are already part of important collections and auctions, like the Fernandez-Pirla and the Ortiz foundations in Latin America or the MOLAA Museum, the Coca-Cola Museum and the Sandor Collection in the United States.

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