Jenn Williamson

Jenn Williamson

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  Artist: Jenn Williamson
 Live in: Langley, BC, Canada
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Jenn Williamson Artist Bio:

I paint intuitively from my heart, rather than using reference photos or sketches. In my work I honour both the intuitive & intentional processes, both of which are essential to the mystery & emotion of my paintings. My life experiences and personality flow through my brush or palette knife onto the canvas. Viewers often comment that my paintings are full of depth and tranquility. When I am in the moment, there is nothing that hinders my passion to create, and painting becomes the voice by which I tell my story. I am an abstract impressionist painter. Rather than create a literal image, I seek to capture a feeling or experience. This way the viewer is more likely to discover something that is personally meaningful to them. I hope to die with a paintbrush in my hand, but not before I have touched the world through my art!

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