Jenny E Balisle

Jenny E Balisle

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  Artist: Jenny E Balisle
 Live in: Richmond, CA, United States
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Jenny E Balisle Artist Bio:

Artist Statement: Investigating various disciplines, my art practice incorporates drawings, acrylic installations, paintings, video and audio recordings. The work researches dichotomous relationships such as the simple and complex, beautiful and grotesque, micro and macro perspectives, and natural and manmade environments. Using a thesis like approach, the goal is to discover connections and patterns through art. This interest in opposing forces correlates to my process. Working ambidextrously, my right hand creates obsessive and intentional marks while my left is open and lyrical. Sensitive to colors and sounds, art translates this experience when words become inadequate. These discrete mediums showcase my findings while exploring the unique properties of materials. Artworks can be labor intensive to immediate, private or public, and vary in scale from small to large. Inspiration, investigation, sketching, recordings, and writings dictate the final form.

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