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  Artist: Joanna O'Hanlon
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I am a storyteller, well-acquainted with pain, and determined to see beauty everywhere. And I believe art exists for all of those things. We used to joke that our family did many things well, but art wasn't one of them. I'm not sure if it was a concussion I suffered, or if it was birthed purely from an extremely painful season of life, but this past year I have found myself with a desire and a blossoming skill to create art, and now I cannot stop. My family and friends kept asking me, "Who are you?!" at the beginning of this artists journey. It's taken me a while to admit and embrace, but I guess, my answer is that I am an artist after all. I am experimenting and honing my style as an artist, and I'm enjoying that journey. I make a lot of pieces on book pages and newspapers as stories were my first love, and as writing was my first art form. I also make a lot of pieces with charcoal, creating beauty from ashes. Overall, though, I echo Michelangelo's words, "Ancora imparo." I am still learning. If you're a fan of the written word, my blog is always open to visitors. In word as in art, it's my goal to be honest about what is ugly, but to also look for beauty everywhere.