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John R. J. Taylor was born in Scotland in 1958.He studied art and photography at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Scotland and photography at the Royal College of Art in London. His work has been collected by the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Museum of London and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Texas, USA. His work has been exhibited througout Europe and once in the USA. 'I have always been amazed and fascinated at the way the world looks. As a child I would lose myself for ages on the edge of streams and rivers staring in rapt amazement at the play of light on the moving water finding its way over and round stones rocks and tree roots. At the coast I could gaze for hours in wonder at the vast distances of the sea and the incessant hypnotic repetition of seawater breaking over the pools and rocks of the shore, also like many children I could spend large chunks of unworried time lying on my back on the fields behind my home mesmerised by the endless procession of clouds sliding by above me on the brilliant blue backdrop of the sky. Unapologetically I find the everyday world a fascinating place, scrutinising and photographing it is my joy, my obsession. My images are a celebration of what occurs naturally, everything is beautiful, everything has merit even the most banal or distasteful subject can halt me and compel me to create an image. Every corner I turn elicits a frisson of excitement as anticipate what new scene or object may be waiting to surprise. I gather images avariciously much as a magpie gathers glittering objects. I grieve if I miss an opportunity to add to my collection, if I see something from a train or bus for instance and am unable to get off and take photographs it frustrates me terribly knowing this opportunity will never present itself again. Natural light is crucial to my photography its play on objects can very often turn the mundane into something completely fascinating. On any given day anything is worthy of being photographed, everything is encompassed in my vision; there is no hierarchy or prioritisation of subject in my world view or mindset. I cannot be called a purist however. Cliché interests and amuses me and I like to tinker with notions of it using it as a device to add a nod of irony to some of my images. Cynicism and humour inhabit my character and I allow it free entry to my work thus nourishing that part of my psyche.'

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