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John Rula

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  Artist: John Rula
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John Rula Artist Bio:

I was born in Toronto 1961 and have been painting on canvas since 1980. I also work in mixed media making assemblages,sculptures, as well as jewellery design and underground comics. When I began painting I worked mainly in oils and did mostly figurative works that quickly morphed into Cubism and Abstraction of the human form. After studying fine art and sculpture my work took a turn into the more purely abstract. In the early 1990’s I found myself drawn to creating my own line of original handmade jewellery. I met a veteran jewellery maker who took me under his wing and taught me the basics of gold smithing. I spent the next ten years crafting a large body of one of a kind original designs which sold very well. Feeling a desire to take my metal work to a new level I started creating assemblages made out of wood combined with my jewellery work to create unique futuristic and primitive looking creations. After doing the trade shows and gallery scene with my works I decided to move full time back to painting and opened my own gallery, CircleWorks Gallery in Waterloo ON, selling my paintings as well as my jewellery and assemble work. After completing several mixed media works I found myself drawn to painting most of the time. Since 2004 I have been mainly creating abstract paintings on canvas as well as works on paper and collage pieces. I have felt a desire to work with shapes and colour all my life and do so to this day. I find spending a day in the studio to be profoundly inspiring .

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