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Josina den Burger

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  Artist: Josina den Burger
 Live in: Duivendrecht, Amsterdam NoordHolland, Netherlands
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Professional painter, working from Amsterdam/Duivendrecht. Co-founder of the Rembrandt Art Market on The Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam (coördinater Ballotage). Co-Founder of C.A.R.P Cybernetic Art Research Projects. Co-writer of the Metaverse books, writer of several Art books like: Experiments, The Golden Paintings, Hyperforms and Digital Art. Since 5 years developing New Art in the Metaverse (Virtuel Worlds). Co-writer of the Metaverse Art Books. Besides all this I work also on canvas etc, and this a lot longer. Exhibitions in several musea and galleries in for example: Hungary,France, the Netherlands. Works are also exhibited in homes and offices in England, France, Hungary and the USA. Studied at the Famous Artist Schools of America, got her papers in 1967 and started singing. (Sing education at Beb Ogterop academy) 30 years a professional singer, (first female protestsinger in Holland in the years 60-70). After that mainly Jazz. Had my own band, several records and performed worldwide in tv and –radioshows. In the Netherlands my own tv-show (José b.b.h.h) in the years 70. After slowly finishing my career as a singer I was asked to start to carry out wedding ceremonies in Ouderkerk. This opened a total new perspective, in line with the singing I could use my experience in associating with all kinds of people, backgrounds and cultures. The result was that I was asked also to carry out wedding ceremonies in Amsterdam, Centrum, West and New West. As well as in the rest of the Netherlands and abroad. Together with painting both are forms of expression, one (painting) is something you do alone, the other (weddings) is something you do together. Both give me positive energy what has a great outcome for me. My paintings are often inspired by this positive energy I get from happy people. Josina den Burger Beeldend Kunstenaar/professional Painter Buitengewoon Trouwambtenaar [email protected] 020 6977150 / 0629 097097

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