Juergen Luga

Juergen Luga

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  Artist: Juergen Luga
 Live in: Dortmund, Ruhrgebiet | NRW, Germany
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I invested my first salary during the apprenticeship in a reflex camera and a B/W laboratory; ever since cameras and (digital) photography accompany me. Besides being part of my job, writing also interests me as an art form: 2008-2013 Member of the authors group “Mörderische Sauerländer” (short crime stories published in books no. 5 and 6)
2010 Award winner of the international short stories competition “Sprung” Since the foundation in 2011, member of the Dortmund Speaking Choir at the theatre of Dortmund. Around 2006: Explored the passion for painting (acrylic and mixed techniques). From May 2014 to October 2015 Work space at the art studio “Kunstflirt” (Beate Bach), since November 2015 working in an own art studio. 2014 Attending a workshop of the steel artist Sebastian Wien in Dortmund, ever since working with steel at his art studio – rust is also becoming medium of my paintings. End of 2014: Purchase of a restored manual printing press. Back to the Black Arts (apprenticeship as offset printer in practice) – the circle closes – from then on, lithographies are integrated into the artistic craftwork. Autumn 2015: Attending a workshop of Steve Pavslovsky (Liquid Light Lab) in New York City, visual light effects with analogous devices of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. My favorite projects: Preparation of a Liquid Light Performance, acrylic paintings and Litho-manual printings of photo projects.

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