Karolina Mitasova

Karolina Mitasova

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  Artist: Karolina Mitasova
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The main theme of my paintings is a world of imaginations, feelings, illusions-lost and illusions found-desires fulfilled or unfulfilled.The primary tool of expression is colour. My abstract " form of imaginary " offers boundless imaginations for all of us. In my paintings I am constantly trying to marry the components of chaos and order which are present in every moments of lived experience. Every painting is there for a story, which throw the colours and symbols become alived again and brings back messages long forgotten. Pictures of the last couple of years are again approached from different perspective.They are inspired strongly by nature.The power of nature,the endless variety of colours, the growth and decay- the majestic humility.The endless changing and transformations. It is all circulation of life, the celebration of nature and its divine powers.Nature outside and nature inside us, the creation which is a part of us and which is forever inspiring...... " Don't try to understand my paintings in a rational/conventional sense. Focus your attention on shades and shapes, changing colours and moods.Come along and discover - together with me - The Big Unseen - the invisible Omnipresent ! Welcome to my garden !

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