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Kat Crosby

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Kat Crosby Artist Bio:

I paint because I'm drawn to it and love art. I have to be constantly creating, it's my life force. My mind is restless and I'm always thinking of new things to paint and different techniques I want to try. No matter how discouraged I may feel at times, I continue to paint and experiment. I paint from a youthful and feminine perspective. I love shapes and color and often have to control my impulses to fill a canvas with color. My style can be summed up best by artist and author Herbert Sieber - "Why should I care about style? When I start painting, I never know what will come out." I never know what I'm trying to achieve with anything I create. When I'm inspired to start a painting, the piece usually takes on a direction of its own. Sometimes conflicts have to be overcome, but at other times, when I'm in the moment and not really thinking about where the painting is going, I just let it take me where it needs to go. That's when it's magical, when I don't have to think, I just have to do. I'm drawn to and inspired by the unusal and unexpected. I draw heavily from the abstract expressionist movement of the 50's that was taking shape in New York. From Pollock, DeKooning, Mitchell and Diebenkorn. I had one viewer of my work comment that "I used color, texture and shape without fear." At first, I didn't know if this was a compliment or not, but have come to embrace this statement and I 'try' to approach each piece without fear of doing something wrong and let the piece shape itself and bring 'me' along for the ride. Being an abstract expressionist, I hate to tell people what I was thinking when doing a painting because I would like them to take away from the work what speaks to them. I don't want to put any preconceived ideas into the viewers head. That is why I like abstract pieces so much, the viewer can form their own conclusions and let their imagination run wild.

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