Kris Krohn

Kris Krohn

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  Artist: Kris Krohn
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Kris Krohn Artist Bio:

While studying architecture I was introduced to painting and sculpture. The illusion of space created with oil paint became more interesting than making real spaces. The timeless interiors are atmospheric renderings of spaces that could not exist within our perceived reality. They represent an Einsteinian view of time and space. My grandfather was dean of mathematics at Cooper Union for many years and as a child both physics and my grandfather's work intrigued me. I inherited the books on different equations that he wrote. I combined my interests in mathematics and art to create a visual expression of timeless spaces. The structure of sculpture has always attracted me. How do you put things together that have no business being together? For me it becomes a game. I work at random and do everything out of my head. The human, childlike forms I create from scrap metal are informed by the various shapes and sizes of the debris I recycle. It is my visualization of chaos theory.

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