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Pictorial sedimentation Advertising abounding in our cities, emit a small parasite vision that bubbling slowly in the retina of passersby. It proceeds unconsciously and signified more than it seems to. Besides the small messages it is supposed to deliver, this is an indicator of how our world works. This small invisible music interferes as ultrasound between our neurons. It is invisible because it submerges our landscapes and disappears in artificial normality. But it is audible because our learning of the sign incite against us to decipher the visible sense. Each campaign is cleared by another, which will be quickly gobbled up by the follower. All are superimposed and muzzled each other. These successive layers do not disappear nevertheless. They are material, shapes and colors. They store in the darkness covering. However, they are still the witnesses of their fleetingness. A pictorial sedimentation which reveals a very precise significant time In final, the space in two dimensions is not affected, but the volume increases, millimeter by millimeter. This paper crust is not so different as the earth's crust. It reveals in own way its quite small perimeter: Days and weeks organized by the human beings, made by them. But Life is made by little things. And it is gathered together that these details show their power. Then, it is time for me to affix my key to deflect the course of their history. No, you will not only be the extras of a film which does not belong to you. Yes, you will become the tools and the material of a festive recreation, playing with you as the brushes with their palette. Advertising archaeology Once the street work done, begins the 2nd step in workshop. A dive in depth of piles of papers, fact sheets, dismembered and disarticulated posters. After the takeoff, tediously necessary, such as an archaeologist with his blower which preserve the slightest potential sign, the colored collage builds itself by instinctive touches: the masses are formed without me, the theme impose itself, colors deposed between torn. Space and time that separate each other from our impressions. And my work is rightly to pick up my perceptions as close as myselves. What was received must become. Leaving it in the dungeon of our amnesias is a way to leave it without our knowledge. Take the control of sensations and desires; this is the sense of my manual excitement. This way involves the complete deconstruction of the initial organization. Deprogram to release and create. The goal is the pleasure to feel alive, active and granted to our fate. This solitary road has nothing proselyte. Each one as to walk straight ahead and follow his way. His small personal road. And scampered, admired the grand landscapes of his congeners, drawing also their trail, as references to be reproduced. Mine goes through the reinterpretation of public signs, shares as the air we breathe. Taking position in sedimented layer for a better fluidization. It will maybe enrich the one above by enabling a transformation of our world view. Collective memory Made with images pieces, displayed short time but extensively in the streets, the pictures benefit from a collective memory. The cranial disk prints all that it captures. It often stores these fragments in a dark inmost depth, but is capable to come flooding back, if the information was well stored. For most of us, there is only approximate effluvium, which allows to say our familiarity, but could not hang on to a fact. But there is always something. That's why the perspective on the works flood back the perception by piecemeal unconscious of an already inquiring seen. That is soliciting attention and accustoms immediately the viewer with the work. It is already familiar to him. He has already seen some pieces of the puzzle somewhere. The important is not to know where. The key lies in this pre-established privacy. In addition, the initial purpose's diversion of collective indoctrination, allows the observer to adhere more easily to the approach. It is a confidence, a recognition freedom tinted, a silent claim of our free will. Each country has its pictorial culture, its writing, its signs and specific products. That's why I want to work in all countries of the world, with local posters and bring out a local identity. The local as a part of a whole globalized, whose current boundaries are blurring. Visible and non-visible As the people which created them, the works have an unconscious face, hidden and impenetrable. My work takes account of this human aspect, and puts behind the picture, not visible of the viewer, a weft of disorder words, which a single attentive study might reveal distinctly. Here, the work instinct expresses itself. A advocacy first more noisy than comprehensive, but who can be understood as a objects palavers, as letters arrhythmic expression group. It is the resonance of the eyes that pierces them.

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