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Winck Lauro Born in Rio Pardo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and from an early age he showed a flair for art. Exceptional designer, (already drawing before learning to read). Self-taught, he developed his own style, always looking for an original way to transmit images. At 20 developing packaging, posters and commercial catalogs, going to dedicate also the picture. It was later creative director at MPM Propaganda, which stood out in the production of advertisements, fashion photography and production of catalogs for major companies in the Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. But never left art, painting in his spare time. Exposing his works in AçuAçu Gallery in Blumenau, the sculptor Elke Hering Bell, having sold several works. He devoted himself later to Photo OF Porto Alegre club, where he won several international medals photography, especially at Freedom Hall in São Paulo where he won silver medal in 1972, competing with 965 photographers of various nationalities. Although not exclusively dedicated to art, never ceased to practice it and participate in periodic exhibitions. Enthusiast computer graphics development, was one of the first to use digital techniques in his works, blowing digital capabilities to conventional means of artistic expression. Now retired, remains very active on social networks and now continues mixing, digital photography to 3D universe, with various software. Participates in ViewBug site, where curator member and already accounts, 614 awards of recognition from their peers, with 586 photographs published .: .Search always unite creativity technique that dominates, whether in photography or in digital media. Many of his works are inspired by the union of digital media with the photo and the resources of drawing and painting software. I currently work with a new proposal. Provide the original high-resolution graphic PDF for printing on any surface that supports CMYK scale. So you can get my work and get the original exclusively. I dedicate myself to photography and digital art. Many of my works are created in virtual photography, manipulating 3D elements.

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