Levitation – Parthenon (Edition of 15) by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Levitation - Parthenon (Edition of 15)

Levitation - Parthenon (Edition of 15) by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

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Photography: Giclée on Paper.
Size: 25.6 H x 25.6 W x 0.4 in
I found a map in a coat of Renè, there was written how to arrive. The photographic collection 'LEVITATION' is characterized by an illusory composition based on stimulatedsurrealism. These photos do not depict the actual reality but they illustrate a 'universe' made of thoughts, the freedom of imaginary potentiality of the unconsciousness to 'levitate' and achieve cognitive levels that surpass reality. The scene is evocative and devoid of any superfluity, corresponding to a synthesis of elements that are placed in such a manner that the subject can be identified instantaneously; in a sense the erasure leads to highlighting and everything is internally distributed according to the democratic 'rules' that prevail in a square. The reciprocal linkage between past and present is epitomized by the usage of black & white, which through the truthful and rational message it carries, it eventually guide us towards a surrealistic scene which symbolizes the future; unrealistic due to the fact that the actual physical norms would never allow such a scenario. Giclèe Print on Hahnemuhle PhotoRag #3/15
Keywords: photography, rocks, sea, surrealism, Renè, geclèe, magritte, Levitation, architecture, parthenon, ocean
Gods are awakening... Thank's Lo Schiavo for this photograph.