Lewka Z Cims

Lewka Z Cims

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  Artist: Lewka Z Cims
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Lewka Z Cims Artist Bio:

I use traditional materials to draw and paint. I enjoy the versatility of acrylic paints and use both brushes and palette knives to create landscape paintings on different size canvases. || I started my artistic endeavors as a musician, earning my Bachelor of Arts degree in music. I then later complemented my education with additional classes in painting, drawing, color theory, composition, and photography at both the SMFA and deCordova Museum,  and with local artists. I live and exhibit in the New England area. || I find that my style of painting is an improvisational experience, somewhat similar to music. I start with an idea and embellish it as I paint. As it develops, I am able to see the landscape a little more clearly in my mind than what is on the canvas. This restructuring of the subject guides me throughout the painting process, allowing me to find a vision that goes beyond the initial viewing of the subject matter. As ideas flow, the painting is shifting, and the final vision is unfolded when I feel it is complete.

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