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Lou Luneau

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  Artist: Lou Luneau
 Live in: Montauban/Ouvèze, Drome Provençale, France
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Lou Luneau Artist Bio:

Lou Luneau was born in 1959 in Bourgogne, France. From His early childhood, he was passionate about drawing, later received an education in music and attented Fine Arts courses in Beaune.By 1979, he was working with Antoine de Bary ( sculptor ), and discorvered Provence wich became his stomping ground practicing various professions and activities - agricultural worker, ambulant alcohol distiller, woodcutter, shepherd, drystone wall buider...He paints, but doesn't show his canvas. At the same time, he plays music in differents groups.Along the way, he met Mathilde den Hollander ( painter ), Marc Emeric ( painter and ceramist ), and Frans Krajberg ( painter and sculptor ). These decisive encounters will change his life. In 2004, he decided to devote his entire time to painting.For more information:www.louluneau.comIn the studio,I take a canvas, the materials, colours, water and solvents a stool.I sit and I look, nothing... nothing happens... I persist, I empty my mind, I try to reach this famous state of creation so dear to Brancusi, still nothing... So, I wait. And suddenly something cuts through me I try to seize it, it goes quickly, too quickly and it escapes.A few strokes on the canvas. Back to my stool. The light is fading.Tomorrow is another day.

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