Luis Peiro

Luis Peiro

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  Artist: Luis Peiro
 Live in: Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain
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Luis Peiro Artist Bio:

Luis Peiro is a self-taught artist and designer based in Zaragoza (Spain) interested in exploring the emotional response derived from visual perceptions. To achieve this, he creates images using different algorithms and compositional criteria, inspired by nature through its laws and underlying mathematics, by cultural concepts through fashion and design and by the principles of Expressionism of which he considers himself an admirer. Luis understands artistic expression as the mark or trace of an emotional state or perceptual process... > This curiosity to understand why he perceives an emotion or why he finds something beautiful or not, generally leads him to an inner need to distort, manipulate, dissect, stain, wrinkle or transmute things, while simultaneously trying to identify the emotional content involved in that action, in a feedback or quasi-unconscious process... Although any item or idea might serve him as a starting point for this experiment, Luis is especially interested in those sources with no apparent emotive function, as graphical representations of mathematical formulas, laws of physics and random processes, and other sources such as photographs or images of discarded magazines whose original emotive content can be destroyed by different transformations... > For the transformation of these sources he works with different algorithms and software that allows him to manipulate or create pictorial effects in a non-destructive way. He delegates decision-making to the computer while he focus on the identification and selection of artistic feeling. Other times, in the case of printed images, he makes hand manipulation and processing of images by wrinkling, torning, folding, collage, frotage, and other techniques. From this process emerges a sketch that he prints and then manually transfer to the canvas in several fragments. Finally, he emphasizes the intended plasticity and emotional function by using mixed media, usually acrylic and oil pastel directly on the canvas. * The art displayed in this gallery for print purposes is not a reproduction of the original work but corresponds to the final digital sketch transferred to canvas.

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