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Lynda R Stevens

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  Artist: Lynda R Stevens
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Lynda R Stevens Artist Bio:

I have been living and working on a freelance basis in Budapest, Hungary since 2000, after first having worked there as a teacher in 1996. I was born in 1959 in Southampton, England and graduated with a degree in English/Italian literature from the University of Warwick in 1981 - at a time where there were 500 graduates to 1 job and as a result my career took a rather more circuitous route than otherwise - this included devoting a lot more of my time to my creative path. Perhaps one of the most important achievements to come out of this - in addition to a substantial collection of large mixed-media compositions on board as well as my collections of coloured drawings and mixed-media collages, was the creation of a full 78-deck of tarot cards, along with a 40 000 booklet which took 10 years to complete. The major arcana were published in a limited edition for collectors of Tarot artwork in 2006, but is now avialble as a full Pack via Gamecrafter and Printer Studio. Nowadays my artwork consists of abstract mixed-media pieces, some in paper, other, bigger compositions using glass fragments, treated fabric and wax, as well as combined water/oil-based paints, which I deliberately clash in order to create marbling effects. My work is mainly comes about via a process of psychic automatism, so that it is guided by an ebb and flow of subconscious impressions, but I have also experimented with figurative ideas too: on my site I also exhibit my Tarot deck. My most recent venture is to have made a book of my series of paper-based mixed-media collage pieces, created between 2005-2010: here is the link to this: This book features about 60 of my best compositions.

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