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London based since 2007, Yuliya received her classical art training in post soviet Kazakhstan. Then she spent most of her life working in a field of law returning to art as a fulltimer and finding artistic identity in 2015. ​ Inspiered by the atmospheric masterpieces of Ian Fisher, her ideology lies with uncertain trajectory of a paper plane. A fragile vessel of space continuum forging connections through time and generations. Philosophical message enveloping the imaginative creations varies from parting to painting providing an emotional narrative hidden behind. Loss of family or community ties, adaptive behaviour, disparity in understanding each other despite common values are often sighted themes she addresses in her atmospheric art collections. In contrast, her Toy Story series is an attempt to look away from metaphoric sentiment down to seemingly simple problems seen through the eyes of a child. ​ ​Yuliya practice often brings a mixture of subtle watercolours technique and colour intense acrylic blends creating vibrant or, to the contrary, delicate surfaces  layered with oil based patterns bringing to life identity free portraits.  Amongst her collectors are the CEO of MTA Travel (Australia), Head of Global Safety Policy of Facebook (Washington), board member of City Group Capital Markets (HK), Board member of Disney Channel (LA), board member of Glista (Berlin), board member of Curzon Wealth Management (London), head of Google department (Dublin) and many more. Two of her artworks featured in Doctor Strange (Marvel) and popular TV series Scandal (from episode 515, artwork adoring Olivia Pope apartment filming set) Sold more than 200 paintings in the first 6 months, she keeps on gaining momentum with international collectors and curators backing her distinct style.  Continuing independent, Yuliya's first solo project with 20 artworks will be shown in London Studio 657 (Fulham Road) from 31 oct - 05 Nov 2016. Please visit www.martynova.co.uk to rsvp https://vimeo.com/158923378

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