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M Davitaia Artist Bio:

Mirza Davitaia' large format abstract paintings belong to two worlds; his eastern European childhood and the Western European part of his Education. Davitaia has been painting for as long as he can remember. Back when he was a boy, Davitaia Sr., also a painter, ensconced his son in the Elementary School of Art, in Tbilisi, Georgia. Davitia junior came of age when his country was controlled by the Soviet Union. The artist took the best of his Georgian origin to West Europe where he studied painting at the Academy of Nuremberg. Art school in West Germany opened the young painter to the extravagance of creative possibilities in those with a Western mentality. He returned home and took his place in the Georgian fight for independence from Russia. It was a fight for both political and artistic freedom. His decision to come to Los Angeles to paint comes as the ultimate denouement to that quest for artistic freedom. The sweetness of line, color and texture and the plastically of his painting mirrors Davitaia's inner exploration for non-linear independence. Shown exclusively in Europe until now, this is the painter's first solo show in the USA.

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