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M Levittoux

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Painting outside means having my secure plan eroded by the chaos of nature and the Dionysian abundance invading brutally the Apollonian purity and order, sitting - hopefully - there inside my head, mocking the smugness of my vision. I love the work of painters who use photography to manipulate their image - like Thomas Eakins, Michael Andrews, April Gornik, Clare Woods , Peter Doig, Junko Kita - well, almost all I admire..! - and I try applying it myself, but for now it is not great, I only suffer futile tortures at the studio. I am at my best exposed to this kind of challenge when the view is complex and beautiful and my hand seems to automatically follow the eye, the brain does something else, singing a song perhaps, and the image flows through me - I am a medium - picture happens instinctively, accidentally, without effort(?) I don't particularly like struggling with the elements,but looking and trying to determine what is it my mind rationally reads as landscape, or person, what it really is that I see and what is it made of - is fascinating. I build up the image out of tiny observations, there is no overall design.This,I trust, happens by itself. I am intrigued by how much a human eye can take in a split second, and how complicated it is to reverse the process, to construct an image that works on many levels. Here, where I live, I like looking at the little town sitting on the top of the rock from which it has grown, the walls patched up like old socks, sailing over time and fields like a majestic Transatlantic; it drags weedy strands of brambles and ivy, the foamy debris of corrugated sheds, stones and rubbish in its wake.Some images are more charged than others, I haven't tired yet. I wonder that a piece of cloth, so physical and fragile can be a vehicle for so many human ideas. It deals with the world and things metaphysical. At the same time, it becomes a piece of furniture and delivers it's philosophy quietly, demurely on your wall.

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