M Scaraglino

M Scaraglino

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  Artist: M Scaraglino
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M Scaraglino Artist Bio:

Michael 's method of painting is characterized by an immediacy of process and a urgency of vision, which he has been developing over many years. Despite the appearance of serendipity, Michael's technique involves constant assessment, measurement and exploration of pigments and their configurations, combined with a variety of tools and materials. The challenge that Michael's art presents constitutes his motivation - that is to create resonances between or among the senses by exploiting the ever-changing detail of light and texture. His abstracts are worlds eliciting a multitude of emotional and intellectual responses that we, as viewers, must resolve. Michael was born in Brooklyn, New York and now reside in East Hampton, New York. His work has been exhibited and acquired by numerous collectors across North America, Europe and Australia.

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