M Scuccimarri

M Scuccimarri

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  Artist: M Scuccimarri
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My work is essentially based on the use of the unconscious, dreams, and imagination. I use all my psychic forces liberated from control of reason. I express the real functioning of thought. I consider my work as a search for the union of the real and dreamlike. Part of the process of creation is linked to a writing or automatic drawing to escape the constraints of logic and letting them express the unconscious inner voice, it is to write what comes to mind without worrying sense. Surrealism, film and African art are constant sources of my inspiration. Their influence has improved my research to establish a better representation of my spiritual universe. My paintings are full of symbols that I use in the same way like language. It is a living language constantly changing. Symbols allow me to express life in all its forms. I exploit themes such as love, dreams, death, violence, ... To summarize, I am inspired by everyday life, man, its history, its evolution ... The unconscious guides me in my creations. My compositions are made freely through the combination of spontaneous ideas.

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