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Maho Kino

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  Artist: Maho Kino
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Maho Kino Artist Bio:

I was born and educated in Tokyo, Japan and now live and work in New York,USA.While there I developed an interest in Printmaking. Especially etchingprint.I am showing my prints in various Tokyo galleries and some in outside ofJapan.On the summer of 2000 I set up my own printmaking studio in Brooklyn, NY'Kino Edition', where I gave etching classes and sometimes rented space toother artists.I recently moved to a smaller space where I can enjoy a more personalinvolvement with my work.The Peanut is a recurring subject in my work.The simple line of its organic form and the inherent duality in thepeanut,(two nuts in one shell) acting as a metaphor for the conflict in thehuman character.Through the activities, journeys, hopes and dreams of my peanut creations, Iexpress something of my own inner journey.If the viewer smiles, so much the better.

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