Malgorzata Suplewska

Malgorzata Suplewska

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  Artist: Malgorzata Suplewska
 Live in: ile de france, France
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Malgorzata Suplewska Artist Bio:

After many years of landscape painting I worked slowly to abstraction and a minimalist style, deciding on a unique palette and moved to my essence of creativity. With my mind quiet and having the space internally, blocking out all distractions, I delved deeply into my subconscious through mediation. Focusing on losing oneself to find sense of life and go deeply to your ego. I began my process of developing a unique rhythm of horizontal line and even construction. Together they both comprised a system which in one moment is broken rhythm serving to distance time and space. Every work of art is for me a space to a new process transitioning my prior work and to open a dialogue with those who view and appreciate contemporary art.

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