Mara Ruehl

Mara Ruehl

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  Artist: Mara Ruehl
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Mara Ruehl Artist Bio:

The basic theme in my work is color and surface, as well as light and form. It is about the exploration of image surfaces and the questioning of the illusion of change, generated by color and shape. Change is part of our entire human existence. Change takes place always and everywhere. We can either watch it passively and let it happen, or we actively influence it in order to steer it in a certain direction. In my pictures, change takes place by the interaction of colors and surfaces, which seemingly dissolve diffuse and begin to waft, pulsate and vibrate. The color fields seem to develop a life of their own and take the viewer even in itself. In my relief, the change aspect enhanced by form and space. In contrast to my two-dimensional works, which "movements" happen without an intervention of the viewer, his interaction here is absolutely necessary. Only through the viewers own relocation a completely different view of the artwork arises, which in turn generates significant changes within the work.

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