Marc Schimsky

Marc Schimsky

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  Artist: Marc Schimsky
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Marc Schimsky Artist Bio:

Friends and family are my main sources of inspiration. My paintings deal mainly with matters of movement, energy, rhythm, the ephemeral nature of life, the passage of time and a fascination with people. My subjects are explored through the use of vibrant color, loose yet authoritative brushwork and the illusion of motion. Borrowing qualities found in photography, I occasionally blur parts of my figures as if to freeze-frame them in the fleeting moment of a familiar experience. His intention is to reveal something mysterious or magical about their personalities. In addition to painting, I'm also a printmaker. There is a physicality to printmaking (especially etching) that I love. It simply does not exist in the realm of any other 2-D medium. An etching is an art object in itself. It is almost sculptural. The feel of pressing or embedding an image into the dampened fibers of a fine imported piece of 100% rag paper is for me extremely sensual. I also find the repetition in printmaking very appealing. There's something very meditative about it. My Solarplate etchings have become a bridge between digitally collaged images and real, tangible art objects. The content of these etchings is based on bits and pieces of old drawings, my own snapshots and vintage photos salvaged from antique shops, flea markets and garage sales. I re-purpose these elements to create or invent a narrative that reveals the juncture of two worlds...the past and the present...the seen and the unseen. I like to call them "recycled narratives".

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